You may know Azrael as
the most fearsome Angel in Heaven.

From Creation through to the modern day and beyond, the Angel of Death has regarded the world of the mythical and fantastic as little more than an office drone who just wants to clock off and call it a day.

When he learns the underworldly plot of a Heavenly hostile takeover, Azrael must navigate the corporate landscape of officious Angels and downtrodden Demons in a conspiracy that could lead to the end of the universe!

Mark Andrew Swan’s debut novel, Death and Human Resources, is an eternity-spanning comedy/fantasy adventure that explores the mystical and the mundane with equal regard. To the forces of nature, death is only as dramatic as the paperwork required to make it official. As the metaphysical world tries to keep up with the demands of modern bureaucracy, will Azrael be able to handle the pressure?

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